02 Feb 2019
bathroom remodel renovation and makeover in Pagosa co

Is it time for a home makeover, remodel, or renovation? That’s a question many homeowners ask themselves. With the influx of DIY television shows and Pinterest tutorials, many homeowners are left feeling motivated to spruce up their homes. So what are some reasons to finally break open the piggy bank and dive into a home makeover?

Makeover to Sell

So you’ve finally decided to take the plunge, sell your home and move onward to something else. Home makeovers are a fantastic way to get your home off the market and get that sold sign in your yard fast. From splashing on a new coat of paint to tidying up those loose roof shingles to getting some new Milgard windows, giving your home makeover touches like these will make your home “pop” on real estate sites as well as give it a great showing for potential buyers.

Remodel For More S P A C E

Maybe you moved into your home as a young couple, but your lovely household has burgeoned into a family of 5 with 2 dogs and a goldfish. Suddenly you need more space! You know your home is where you want to be – and it has the potential to have more space – you just need to do some remodeling or maybe a complete renovation. Well strap on your demo day shirt and get cracking!

While this type of home makeover is more intense, recreating your home’s floor plan can drastically improve your home’s feel and increase usable space. Simply taking down one wall can open a kitchen to a living room, giving you the open floor plan you’ve always desired. Or reconfiguring a closet to enlarge a master bathroom can give you the spa-like feel and comfort you’ve been wanting for years. Now you’ve got enough room to lounge in your fuzzy slippers and spa robe. At Sun Glass, we are pro’s at home construction gigs! (Check out some of our work here…)

Frustration Needs a Fix

Perhaps you’re in another group of people who simply feel frustrated with their home. You don’t wish to sell your home, you know it has the space you need, and even the floor plan you like, but you just feel tired with the way your home looks and feels. Coming into your own home shouldn’t feel like walking into the Pagosa DMV: cold, unwelcoming, and incredibly drab. Your home should make you feel comfortable, happy, a place you want to actually be.

So go for the makeover! It’s not difficult to paint some accent walls, hang some new shelves, or dive all in and completely remodel your kitchen. It’s your home and your space – so fix it up in a way that enables you to live in a way you truly enjoy. And then invite everyone over for the fabulous biscochitos you made in your newly renovated kitchen.

Next time your ready for a remodel? Check out this video below to see a happy customer. Ready for a makeover? Fill out the form below and we’ll make it happen!


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